Sunday, 7 February 2016

I'm 27 now - say what?!

The relaxed Christmas turned to the New Year quickly and January just whizzed right past. On 22nd January I turned the grand old age of 27 and it felt rather odd. 27 to me sounds like a woman’s age and I certainly don't feel like a woman yet. Maybe because I hang out with a bunch of 4 year olds at work nearly everyday but it’s been the first birthday where I’ve actually felt a little old! In the morning I opened the cards and presents that had arrived through the post and which had travelled so very far. Miss Doyle’s, like her Christmas package, did not disappoint! 

Don't think I mentioned the Christmas story in the previous post but we had a knock late one night, probably on 23rd December and it was the caretaker asking if we knew anyone called Goose or Gary? Will said he didn't but obviously my ears pricked up at the words Goose and I realised that Anna had meant to write Goose and Gander and Will had just misheard Gary! Then just before my birthday I got a phone call from the office saying there was a package there for The One and Only Goose - she said it was great that some people round here have a sense of humour! 

Will bought me a little furry kiwi whom I named Kevin, for alliteration purposes of course. 

I took him to the beach the day after

It reminded me of a message from one of the children at the primary school I worked at back in the UK who wrote, ‘Hope you find a kiwi!’ Well now I have. And he even plays a tweeting tune when you squeeze him!

I Skyped some friends and family in the morning and it was lovely to see their faces. I was still seeking employment and Will had to work during the day but I took a few hours break from the computer to have a walk in the brilliant sunshine (so unusual to have such a hot birthday!) and treated myself to an ice cream from Movenpick – such a great find in Newmarket! The picture is a little dark as I simply had to sit in the shade for fear of being severely burnt! Obviously Kevin came too :)

Will brought Dominos back with him for dinner and then we set off for my birthday gift – a show at the Stardome Planetarium! I was really excited and wasn’t disappointed. The chairs inside were tilted back towards the ceiling and so comfy and we watched 2 short films about the space race and the stars. My favourite part was going outside and looking through the telescope into the night sky. The stars looked amazing, so many more and much clearer than you would ever see in London because of all the light pollution. The men who worked there knew lots about the constellations, a lot of which can't be seen from the UK and how long it took the light to travel to us from space. They showed us the Southern Cross formation that we see on the New Zealand flag and a nebula where new stars are made. One man commented that the lens was out of focus and the guy insisted that it's supposed to look like that, like a cloud of dust. It was a very special evening and already I can’t wait to go back!

So this post has been short and sweet (and pretty tame!) but looking forward to more exciting adventures ahead soon!

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