Friday, 19 June 2015

Immigration New Zealand

'We are pleased to advise that your application for a work visa under the Working Holiday Scheme has been approved.'

These were the heavenly words delivered to me at precisely 01:38 this morning after a long and agonising wait which started on 26th April when I first submitted my application.

Will sent his online form and received his response within 4 days. 
4 days!

The medical was definitely an experience to remember though. It took me rather a long time to find the Knightsbridge doctor's surgery, (mainly because I was expecting the words 'doctor's surgery' to be written in big letters across the top of the building, which they weren't...) 
Of course what I should have been looking for was a tiny golden plaque in a doorway with tiny engraved golden letters but I finally managed to track it down. I was quite comfortable inside the living room/ waiting area, with an armchair, copies of Tatler magazine to keep me company and a view of the street outside, in to which a woman was reversing her Swarovski encrusted car. How the other half live indeed.

So anyway the doctor whipped up his report and sent it on and 54 days later, here we are...

We bought our plane tickets early on with Singapore Airlines.
Depart on 14th September, 13:35 from Heathrow
Arrive in Singapore 15th September, 09:25
12 hours 50 minutes

Then continue on from Singapore on 17th September, 08:40
Arrive in Auckland the same day at 22:20
9 hours 40 minutes

I'm currently packing up our flat, throwing things out and narrowing down what I really need for the year. It's so hard! The moving out date is creeping closer and closer though so I need to be decisive.

'Have a great working holiday in New Zealand!' was the Immigration email's sign off. Thanks, I certainly intend to!

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