Sunday, 5 July 2015

Moving on out

Will has now handed in his notice, which means I am allowed to actually publish the blog, HOORAY!! I was expecting some drama; we had hyped it up for months, talked about the various reactions and when the day finally arrived – nothing. Not a single raised voice or thrown stapler in sight. It’s for the best… I suppose.

Due to work shifts, we didn’t move out of our flat until Wednesday 1st. Mum and John set off from North Wales with the moderately sized van but as their journey continued south the temperature slowly crept up until it reached its peak at an impressive 37oC. As you can imagine the exchange of boxes and bags was a sweaty affair but only took about an hour and half. The harder part was still to come.

Cleaning two days after the hottest day of the year - it wasn’t pretty. We both stripped down to our bare essentials (my clothes would have been dripping in minutes) and set to work scrubbing and sweeping. I wasted a good bit of our time after I broke the shower screen and we struggled to squeeze it back together lest our precious deposit be lost forever! It was definitely a sight for sore eyes what with us in our underwear and the screen constantly slipping out of our fingers due to the amount of Flash I had applied… I also managed to punch a large hole into the bin but APART from that it was fine. So we have returned the keys and moved back to Ashford for the time being.

Things I will miss about Greenwich:
The ever changing architecture
Observatory Hill

The easy access to art

Made up of tiny beads, from far away it looks like a fishing net
I quite like the way the gallery lights left geometric patterns on the vitrines

 And the amazing food on the doorstep

Craft cafe, wood fired, doughy and crispy!

Had a small chunk missing so got an extra brownie free!


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