Monday, 5 October 2015


Our leaving drinks were so much more emotional than I had expected. Will and I had both been excited about the prospect of a new adventure and although we knew we’d miss everyone we were mostly happy and looking forward. So many people turned up though and we got lots of lovely cards and presents!

Starting the celebration at 3pm meant guests could turn up when they wanted and go when they needed to and that we could mingle and chat to everyone in detail at least once… It also meant that a large amount of alcohol was consumed and with only a cheeky McDonalds to help line our stomachs the consequences, shall we say, were a little hazardous!! I won't mentioned any names *coughs* (Will)... 
Thanks so much to everyone that came, you made it very special! I found these photos on my phone the next morning…


Charlotte and Rupi

Oskar, Dave and Will

Having to stand on tiptoe...

Lovelies from school:)

Jo and Matt


Not sure why our eyes are all lit up but love it anyway!

You guys are the best!!

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