Monday, 25 April 2016

Pasifika Festival

The Pasifika Festival happens once every year and this was the first to be spread out over the whole weekend rather than just one day. The venue was Western Springs and we visited on the sunny Saturday. Around the park were different 'villages' of different Pacific Island nations with stalls selling hot food, jewellery, art and flower garlands. Every village had a central stage where performers wore traditional dress to sing and dance to the eager crowds. 

Hawaii stage - these performers all seemed so elegant and graceful!

Hoards of people! 

It probably doesn't look as appetising as it tasted! Delicious fry bread with hummus :)

The Tongan stage was one of my favourites as the dancers had some cheeky moves and loads of feathers! Will wasn't so impressed...

Will took the rest of these photos - I'd used up all of my phone's storage already!

We were at the Tuvalu stage for the closing ceremony and we saw a couple of guys from the audience get involved in the last dance, hilarious to witness! 

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