Monday, 25 April 2016


There are so many fabulous FREE things to do in Auckland and one of the things I really enjoyed was visiting the Wintergarden and Fernery in The Domain park. There are 2 big greenhouses with loads of plants and flowers squeezed in everywhere - hanging from above, all around the sides and on the small pond, in every colour, shape, size, pattern and texture you can imagine!

They have veg growing too!

Frilly little edges

These little pods were fascinating, I thought that maybe they catch flies or other insects to eat?!

Hanging bark

We turned up on a day when a couple got married - you can just see them in the top left hand corner! 

At first I thought the tiny spheres on the undersides of the leaves were eggs laid by insects but after researching when we got home I found they were the plant's seeds or spores; there were so many and all perfectly round

A nice hour spent wondering around amongst all the colour and even better that it was warm inside the greenhouses when it was a little chilly outside!

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