Sunday, 10 April 2016

Wine on Waiheke

Now I have started getting more regular income from work Will and I decided we could afford to treat ourselves to a day on Waiheke Island. We caught the ferry over and walked up the scenic path towards Cable Bay winery. We passed the vineyards and as it was so warm it almost felt like we were in Italy rather than New Zealand!

The website mentions a $10 wine tasting session so we headed down to the cellar and paid up for a sip of 5 wines in total. The guy was friendly and chatty and seemed to know his stuff. I preferred the more subtle and light whites and Will the fruity reds but we decided to stay a while and buy a bottle of white to share...

The wines we tasted from left to right were:
Sauvignon Blanc Awatere Valley 2014
Chardonnay Waiheke Island 2014
Rose Waiheke Island 2015
Pinoit Noir Central Otago 2014
Syrah Waiheke Island 2014 

When we ventured outside it looked busy but we tried to get the attention of one of the waiters floating around. I think if we were a few years younger and Will was willing to change into a female then we may have been more successful getting some service! We'd asked for a menu and didn't get one for over half an hour and when we finally asked again, the guy told us that they didn't do pizza outside and that his boss was telling him to ask people to place their own orders in at the bar. 20 minutes later we saw him and his co rushing around serving platters and buckets to groups of young attractive girls! We agreed that next time we'd bother to get the bus and make the journey across the island to another winery that  perhaps isn't swamped by tourists... We've heard good things about Mudbrick so maybe there!

A lovely glass of Sauv!

Feeling peckish and needing to soak up all the alcohol we searched around for some food and settled on a little fish and chip takeaway place, sat on the beach and enjoyed the view before getting the (incredibly windy! Seriously, I could barely see my hair was flying all around!) ferry back.

That night my tummy felt a little crampy and I soon realised I had food poisoning, with all that entails! Needless to say walking up and down the 2 corridors to get to the shared bathroom about 8 times that night, carrier bag in tow, was not a highlight of our time so far! Will looked after me for the rest of the weekend and when I got back to work I found out that lots of children had been off with a stomach bug so on reflection I think maybe I caught some bacteria off the children's podgy sticky fingers, lovely!

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